The Police Uniform

The police uniform is clothing of distinction. The uniform demands respect for the person wearing it. The men and women who put on the police uniform every day are individuals who have sworn to protect and serve our communities. Whether it is rescuing a cat from a tree, a dog from a well, or disarming the wild eyed gunman at the school, these officers put on the police uniform every day no matter what.

The men and women who wear the police uniform should be commended for their bravery. Every day they put their lives on the line for the communities in which they live. Some days are easier than others. When the worst thing that happens is a speeding violation it was a good day. When the shift starts off with an Amber Alert, things could get pretty ugly.

No-one stops to consider what the person wearing the police uniform goes through. Many people feel the officers do nothing but sit in wait for their next victim. They never consider it is the person in the police uniform who could be the victim. Every day men and women are killed in the line of duty.

Every day when a person puts on the police uniform there are many dangers they face. One of the worst is the infectious diseases the police officer is exposed to. Any number of perpetrators can have some form of communicable disease. When a man or Uniformes profissionais they can not choose who they deal with. A criminal is a criminal and the officer must deal with all of them.

The officer in the police uniform deals with other job hazards as well. Being in a police cruiser means the constant risk of car accidents. Routine traffic stops can become a dangerous situation during times of heavy traffic or bad weather conditions. Any time an officer steps out of their vehicle they are taking a chance of being hit by a passing motorist. This is why many states have implemented a law which states that oncoming traffic must slow down and move into the left hand lane when they see a motorist stopped by an officer.

High speed chases can also result in traffic accidents. The perpetrators flee at accelerated speeds leaving the police officer no choice but to keep up. When the men and women put on the police uniform before starting their shift the thought of being involved in a traffic accident is the last thing on their mind. However, during a high speed chase the perpetrators sometimes double back, heading straight for the cruiser. There are times when the officer may be out of the car and risks being ran down.


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