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Mobile Application

You can find Android apps for absolutely everything lately , and driving is simply one area where these apps excel. Google’s in-car system, Android Auto, comes preinstalled in some cars right now, but you can also use it by connecting your phone to a compatible car display, or just by using your phone during a dock on its own. 

If you’re looking to control multimedia while in the car, Android Auto is the best way to go. Android Auto runs on any phone with Android 5.0 or later. The list of apps that work with Android Auto is small but growing, and includes Spotify, Telegram, Skype, TuneIn Radio, and Audible. And, yes, it more than holds its own against Apple’s CarPlay.

Here’s where the rubber meets the road — these are the simplest Android Auto apps that complement the driving experience and can assist you get the foremost enjoyment out of your next road trip. If you’re feeling a touch overlooked because you’re an Android user with a car that doesn’t support Android Auto, don’t be, because Pioneer has just the thing to get you started.

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