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Search Engine Optimization

Whether on Google, Bing, Amazon or other search engines: Organic and paid results fight equally for the attention of the users on the search results pages. It is obvious that search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEA) should be considered holistically. But what are the concrete consequences of using it? 

It primarily depends on the strategy that the individual brands are pursuing. In our view, there are three scenarios in the use of holistic search marketing, which we would like to demonstrate using the example of the Google world. Before we make any strategic considerations, however, we need to consider the interactions between the two marketing disciplines. 

Both a search engine advertising manager and an SEO consultant are interested in high-performance websites with content that optimally meet the needs of the users. And both sides bring complementary skills, know-how and experience to achieve this goal. 

The SEO view: content creation for search engines and users

The production of website content lies with the SEOs. First and foremost, you try to build a page so that it can be found by search engines and appears as high as possible on the search results page for relevant terms. The hard SEO currency is organic ranking. 

How good a page really is from an SEO point of view will therefore only become apparent after several months. Because it takes about half a year for the website to achieve its full performance. Only then can it be reliably assessed how the search engine rates the page, where the page is organically ranked and whether it needs to be improved. 

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