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Acrylic paint is water-based paint obtainable in tubes; additionally known as artist’s acrylic paint.

Alkyd (or solvent-based) paint is used primarily on wooden and metallic; use mineral spirits or turpentine as a thinner and cleansing agent.

Antiquing is the ornamental course of that provides an aged look to painted surfaces.

Applique material motif that’s hooked up to a different, bigger space.

Backstitch is a hand sew fashioned by inserting the needle behind the purpose the place thread from the earlier sew emerges from the material. Used for a hand-sewn seam.

Baste is a protracted sew used to carry the material in place previous to ultimate stitching additionally known as tacking.

Batting layers of uncooked cotton, wool or artificial materials used to line quilts and stuff pillows.

Bias tape is a slim folded strip of fabric reduce on the bias (diagonal to the grain of cloth) used to completed uncooked edges.

Border is a horizontal band of ornament ( normally wallpaper) hung round a room on a wall as an architectural element.

Butt joint a joint the place with two edges contact however don’t overlap.

Chair rail is mounted under the midsection of a wall the place a chair again would contact.

Chintz is a intently woven, mid-weight cotton material with a glazed end. Historically printed with a floral sample.

Clip on veneers is to chop a V into seam allowance to assist ease material round corners.

Dado rail is the ornamental molding topping wainscoting; much like a chair rail.

Decoupage is the artwork of mounting photos or designs onto a floor after which coating them with a number of layers of clear end (varnish or lacquer) to seal.

Denatured alcohol is the solvent for shellac.

Double-fold hem is the place material is turned underneath twice by the identical quantity to surround the uncooked edge absolutely.

Dragging is a particular paint impact achieved by dragging a comparatively dry brush over paint.

Edgestitch is a line of sewing positioned near any folded edge or seamline.

Material repeat is the world coated by one full motif of the design, printed on or woven into material.

Dealing with is a chunk of cloth used to complete uncooked edges.

Fake end is understood (actually as false end) floor therapy created to mimic one other materials resembling marble (fake marble) or wooden (fake bois).

French seam is a powerful seam stitched on each side of the material to surround all uncooked edges.

Frieze is a large, elaborate border; typically printed wallpaper reduce might be sculptured plaster.

Fusible internet is a community of glue-like substances that, when melted by a heat iron, holds two layers of cloth collectively, eliminating the necessity for stitching.

Gathering is drawing up material alongside two basted stitching traces to kind intently spaced folds.

Gliding is a end utilized to metallic or wooden utilizing skinny sheets of gold leaf.

Glaze is a clear or semi-transparent shade utilized over a base shade of paint. Generally known as a wash.

Grommet is the eyelet (normally metallic) used to string a tie that holds two objects collectively.

Half-tone is a shade that’s midway in tone between a given hue and white.

Hem is the place the uncooked fringe of the material that’s turned again to the unsuitable aspect and stitched down.

Hue is the technical time period for shade. 100 thousand might be combined or made.

Oblique lighting is inside lighting produced by fixtures distributing 90% to 100% of the sunshine upward.

Inlay is adorning the floor of the furnishings with different-colored wooden, ceramic or metallic by the insetting flush with the floor.

Jamb is straight or vertical aspect posts of a door or window body.

Joint is a degree the place two items of wooden are joined collectively quite than glued or nailed.

Kapok is a fiber obtained from the fruit of the sild-cotton tree, used as a stuffing for pillows, mattresses, and sleeping luggage.

Lacquer is any of quite a lot of clear or coloured artificial coatings used to seal–leaves a shiny end.

Latex paint is a water-based, quick drying paint.

Linseed oil is a yellowish drying oil utilized in paint and polish.

Marbling is quite a lot of paint strategies designed to recreate artificially the looks of marble on partitions and furnishings.

Mineral spirits are petroleum distillate used to skinny oil-based paint or varnish.

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